Thursday, October 16, 2008

I wish i didn't have this story to tell...

First let me set the scene. it was glastonbury, my friend was sharing his tent with his girlfriend. He and I were knackered from our previous evening, not of drugs, but of cold from leaky boots, drenched coats, being indie-kids and getting lost.

That morning, i need a poo

Says i "do you have any bog roll i can borrow?"

"yes", says he "its in one of those bags here in my tent"

he rumages through carrier bags

"Maybe its this ones a bag of shit"

"what," says me "like a bag with, like, shit in it?"

"yes" he replies

and there it was a bag with a poo in it from his dear lady friend, too tired to find the toilets the day before.

i really hope she doesn't read these boards
edit\ i have been informed by her (now ex) boyfriend that i should also mention that she is now a published writer of a series of books based on a long-running sci-fi series.

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